Operation Circus 157 - May 2016

A Ceremony in Ypres Town Cemetery Extension
held on 5th May 2016
to commemorate the RAF Operation Circus 157 on 5th May 1942

The ceremony was eautifully organised by Chris Lock and his wife Milena Kolarikova.
The RAF international Spitfire pilots downed above and around Ypres during this mission were commemorated. In addition the gallant Belgian civilians and resistance members who sacrificed everything, which was dear to them, whilst engaged in the rescue and repatriation of downed allied airmen were commemorated.
Introductory speech
Prayer or poem for for the fallen
One minute silence
Placing of the wreaths

A superbly written story of the Operation by Chris and Milena with information on those killed you download, click on the button below.
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