St Jan dig 2003

St Jan Dig — 2003
In November 2003, whilst taking a group around the Salient, we came across the most fascinating archeological dig that we were able to walk around to view what had been uncovered. Despite visiting the battlefields for many years, it really hits you when you can see the wood from the bottom of a trench, steps leading into a dugout — not an exhibit, not recreated but the real thing. Then, of course, ones emotions are touched when you come across the personal items  that had been found. Finally, the sad remains of bones in a boot — standing on the spot where one poor soul was killed. He, to us, is Known Unto God and commemorated on a Memorial. I can never stop thinking, who was he, like me he was born with a Mother and Father, brought up, went to school then out to work before coming over to the Western Front to be lost except his loved ones memory.
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